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Last ever LL.M report - DONE!

Posted by Rachel J Roche on June 8, 2013 at 12:10 PM

I have officially (and finally) completed my last piece of work for the LL.M. A huge report on what I have been up to over the course of the last 3 months as intern.


I’m not sure whether writing the thing or trying to decide on my plan* was the trickiest, but in any event it's done and I have given it my best shot as usual!


I would just like to mention that in typing this little blog update, after nearly three months of using a French clavier, I am having awful trouble with my QWERTY keyboard and keep hitting all the wrong keys – what a pain as I used to be so quick at typing! Not sure I am ready to invest in an AZERTY but on the other hand, for typing accents and cedillas etc., this standard QWERTY layout drives me mad. Thankfully this short post contains none of those.


Anyway, so after spending literally hours on this report, it is finally ready to be printed out, bound up in a professional-looking manner and sent in by post and email. I said a little “yay” to myself earlier but will be saving the major celebration for when I am back home in just three weeks’ time.


Nevertheless, I am hoping to get a soirée together of some description before the end of the internship, so with any luck my fellow comrades will be up for that!


With it being Friday this evening, and having finished my report which is due Monday – AND with the sun shining (I swear it was nearing 30 degrees today), I officially have the weekend off; a whole weekend where I have nothing to do. No flying to the UK. No hosting guests. No revision. No essay writing or mock trial to prepare for.


What am I going to do?! I am going to find a park, sit in it and relax, that’s what! Here’s to a great summer.


[All French essays, reports and similar (in law at least) have to conform to a plan – usually in three sections and without a conclusion. Each three sections should have two subsections and can be split further down into sub-subsections depending on the length of the report].


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