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Posted by Rachel J Roche on January 22, 2013 at 8:40 AM

I suppose living for most of my life in the back of beyond is certainly a far cry from the city. I have, however, embraced city life in Paris. I have run for my fair share of metros, walked with determination down the rue de Rivoli using my elbows to get through!, and lugged my bag containing such heavy French legal textbooks that I feel sure I would be in for a chance at the next arm wrestling championships. I am perhaps turning into a city girl.

However, as much as Paris has so far been welcoming in the main, I am not very happy about this one aspect of city life which is as common here as it will be in every large city – and of course in the back of beyond too (although perhaps less prevalent). Alas, there was a break-in in my building today. A mere week after I moved in. I am not very happy right now. The concierge just came by to say that we should make sure we double lock the door each time we go out and that the lock upstairs was nearly completely taken off. The thief or thieves were obviously determined when they struck around midday and apparently hey got away with cash and some jewellery.

The person or people in question probably had the door code to our building ; the front door being on a timer during the day as there are offices downstairs – so that clients of the dentist and other businesses can come in and out of the first building in the courtyard with little fuss. It did occur to me that take-away delivery guys will be given door codes of course and that there are a fair few people in our building, so anyone could theoretically go in and out drawing little attention to themselves. The whole thing has made me pretty angry. How dare they?!

We are going to need to be really careful. I am really enjoying living in this new place but this news is rubbish.

More updates soon.

#catwatch : the cat Tatami has a kidney infection and is currently at the animal hospital. It is weird without our feline housemate!


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