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Super cool Monday

Posted by Rachel J Roche on June 3, 2013 at 4:10 PM

As far as the usual Monday goes, today has been pretty darn good in the grand scale of things! At the risk of inviting the inevitable and ending up with a busy season Part Deux, it has to be said that work has quietened down a fair bit since the 27th May passed by… and there has even been time to catch up on things like starting my internship report which is due in 2 weeks, time recording and putting in our expenses – of which I am sure that over 90% of our cumulative “frais” are take-out sushi. Oh I will miss our late night sushi!


After grabbing my usual allongé au lait at a leisurely 8.45am this morning and a yogurt at the canteen, I did my mornings work and then headed to lunch. I was totally shattered in the afternoon from the weekend jetting back to the UK for a friend’s wedding, that even two coffees post lunch would not cut it. That was when one of the girls had the most amazing idea to pop down to a little known corner of the vast expanse of office on the ground floor known as “Cool”.


As well as offering a discount gym membership and various other company perks, there is a room where you can sleep… I repeat, an actual room where you can sleep! It’s decked out in blue with three partitioned sleeping areas, each with a bed-sized bean bag, cushions and a throw. Amazing. There are also 2 massage chairs and a dresser with a mirror on it, so you can check your bed head before sneaking back to the office with your colleagues none the wiser that you have grabbed 40 winks in the salle de sieste!


Whoever had the brains to invent such a room should be given an immediate pay rise.


The end of day got even better too, as I went to my new favourite take-away sushi bar for dinner and then upon arriving back at the apartment there was a parcel waiting for me! The lovely Sophie and Gemma who came to visit 3 weeks ago had only gone and sent me a huge slab of chocolate and a lovely thank you card following our mammoth Paris sightseeing expedition! What a brilliant end to the day. At the time of writing I have not yet eaten any of said chocolate as I am trying to see how long I can last before opening it. It is currently hidden in my suitcase to prevent accidentally consuming the whole bar in one sitting. Watch this space.


In other ramblings, I really need to post some more photos soon – I have some real gems waiting patiently to be uploaded.


More updates soon.


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