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Back in the office... and some important exam results!

Posted by Rachel J Roche on April 23, 2013 at 11:35 AM

It’s been nearly a month since the end of exams and the time has flown as always.


I went home for the weekend before starting my internship on the 2nd April 2013. On the first day in the office, I was one of around 12 others who also started on the same day. We had a group seminar in the morning where we were all given laptops and had to create about 15 different passwords… Another group of other interns started a month before us so they have a bit of a head start but I am sure we will catch up. No one realised that I wasn’t French until at least the middle of the following day and some of the boys didn’t even realise until the end of the week which I found hilarious!


It is “tax season” and we are dealing with French tax returns for employees of huge companies who have mainly been transferred by their employer to work in France for a certain period of time. Their worldwide income is taxed in France if they are resident in the country. We also deal with the returns for non-residents who may have French sourced income (e.g. shares). The deadline for resident returns is the 27th May so it’s a little busy…


In the past 3 or so weeks, in addition to the French tax system, I have also learned a lot about computers. I have also learned a lot of abbreviated French and jargon. It was no wonder I didn’t really understand what was going on during the first few days as everyone was speaking in abbreviated or technical French although I pretty much have it in the bag now.


I dragged Adam into Dalloz on Saturday (he came to stay for the weekend) – it seems even after exams, I can’t stay away from that book shop… and bought a book on French tax law. I plan on making the most out of the next three months.


In other WONDERFUL news….. (drum roll please…!) we heard today that we all passed our exams! I am over the moon! By the end of the week we should receive a personalised email detailing our grades to show us how we got on in the grand scheme of things. That should be very interesting indeed.


Also, last week I had dinner with the UK Ambassador to France at his private residence and I will post about that next. It was a really interesting evening.


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