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Three weeks left!

Posted by Rachel J Roche on March 9, 2013 at 7:25 AM

Oh my goodness me, we have a mere three weeks left – jam packed with exams, but three weeks nonetheless left before we start our internships and are on the home straight to the end of the LL.M.


So far, we have had our final exams for droit des societes (yes, there was a third exam for this subject!) and the final for droit des contrats. Remaining we have droit de la responsabilité civil (which I am in the process of revising for), droit du travail (on a Saturday nonetheless although this is followed by lunch somewhere in the 5th), a mock trial for competition law, a three hour written paper for droit de l’entreprise, an exam for the free movement of goods and persons within the European Union and last but by no means least, the final for international private law! Just writing this list has drilled it home that there were most certainly not be any rest for us lot until the 30th March! We managed to sneak in a couple of cocktails after droit des societes but I can’t see that happening again until right at the very end.


I have to say though, I am quite enjoying revising for droit de la responsabilité civil as its methodical and my notes are fairly good from the revision I did for the mock exam in December.


I also made it home to York for a flying visit last weekend which was ace – and my sister was also in the city for a hen party so she dropped in on us over lunch on Saturday to say a quick hello. I took the Eurostar and train this time so that I could revise for company law en route and it turned out to be a pretty good idea.


Things are also looking up on the weather front too… the sun has been beaming today and although I have been inside with my head in the books, the windows have been wide open and it’s been really nice sitting with the sunshine coming through! I am fairly cheery despite my sleeping in the lounge for the moment whilst my bedroom is being painted… The sofa isn’t that bad but I’ll be glad when I get my room back, not least so that my poor housemate can also get the TV room back! My stuff and I have taken over the place, although of course it’s not my fault that the painters are taking a whole week to paint one room and 2 utility cupboards… ahem.


The next three weeks are going to fly by I am sure and then I get another quick pit stop back in the UK for two nights before the 9 to 5 starts (cue Dolly Parton). I have organised a lunch with the girls when I am back in Cheltenham for the last weekend of March, and as much as I would also like to go home to York, there is only time for one stop so we decided Cheltenham would be great so that we can see everyone. I could also really do with going to Cavendish House for some work clothes and I am looking forward to ceasing the student look which has subsisted for the last 7 months. I am going to banish leggings and black boots for the rest of my life once these exams are over! My poor black boots have been worn practically every day since before Christmas! Well done to the boots though, they have held up extremely well, but I am looking forward to getting back into some office wear - a nice pair of smart court shoes and some skirts would most certainly not go amiss!


More updates soon.


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