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The last few weeks

Posted by Rachel J Roche on November 13, 2012 at 6:35 AM

If I can tell you one thing, it is that the University Paris 1 is not only a law school but a life school! Whilst I am most certainly learning a lot about French and European Law (of course) I am also learning a fair bit about myself and about other people too. By that I mean other people generally, mainly the French and no one specific – although of course, now that the 12 of us students have been together for two and a half months, we probably have the measure of each other by now as well.


Anyway, the last 3-4 weeks have been a rollercoaster as per. The work load goes from crazy busy one minute to manageable the next but it is all part of the learning curve. My French is improving – of that I am sure, although my French advocacy skills leave a little to be desired. We had to represent our respective clients in our Business law class last week and I still need to work on my confidence but on the upside, my exposé for the same class on ‘les Administrateurs Provisoire’ scored a decent 16 out of 20 which by French standards means I am a genius!

We had a visit to the Conseil d'Etat at the beginning of October which was interesting - it's France's highest administrative Court. I'll post some photos from that soon.   

We then had an exam in Droit de la Responsabilité civile a week or two ago… (tort/civil law) and we get the results for this on Friday. I am quaking in my boots but I’ll stop right there and update you further when I know the outcome. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me please.

It was also our very last lesson with Mme. Pingel for Droit de l’Union Europeen today where Meghan and I presented another exposé on the European Court of Justice case of Commission v. Italie November 2011 (Affaire C-379/10). We are all waiting on our final marks for this class but we are not sure when they will be available yet.

Exam for Constitutional law in 7 days. Wow that came round fast. 

Then we had a field trip to Brussels to visit the European Commission last weekend. We had a talk from a section of the legal department which was really informative (about food health and safety laws) and their role within the Commission itself, and then all went out for a meal (students and professors alike) before retreating back to the hotel for much needed rest. The train is remarkably quick to Brussels from here although I am afraid that I did find Belgium a little dreary and the coffee was strong enough to blow your head off.


Finally, I should let you know that after sending out a few letters and CVs requesting an internship last month I have been offered the required 3 month ‘stage’ following an interview last week with a much respected firm who has a tie-up with a large well known multinational professional services firm headquarted in London. I am 'très contente’.


All in all, whilst it’s been a hair raising ride (to say the least) maybe it will turn out Ok in the end after all!


More updates soon.


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