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Le week-end

Posted by Rachel J Roche on July 23, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Summer is finally here in what has otherwise been a dreary and grey UK. Walking into town to hunt for luggage whilst making the most of the sunshine, I am pleased to advise that I have finally bought what can only be described as 'the mother of all suitcases'. A huge purple thing which is about the size of a mini caravan. As some random guy pointed out to me in the street whilst I was wheeling it home, I could actually fit myself in it!

Adam is away at the moment with work and so I have spent the weekend meeting friends and listening to hours of Paul Noble teach me "the natural way to learn French". I have to admit, he is pretty good, and like nothing I have listened to before. It doesn't feel like I'm learning anything although when it comes to using some of the words and phrases, it's just in my head without much effort. If only everything could be so easy.

I have also spent some time online learning a bit more about the world of blogging and tweeting and everything social media. I'm really quite enjoying it although it makes the time go scarily quickly. I've learnt that blogging can be a full-time occupation - or at least a way to facilitate paid writing and I've read lots of comment and discussion on the reasons why people set up their own blog. The reason I decided to set up my own blog is mainly because whilst I was researching the scholarship and studying/working abroad generally, it was difficult to find someone who had 'been there and done that'. I wanted to know how to go about it, what I should expect and what did the person on the other side gain from the experience. Basically I had lots of questions but no one to ask. There were past scholars but they were now busy with their own firms or other projects and I didn't want to bother them. General information on all of the above is of course available everywhere online at the touch of a button, but I could find nothing that really stood out as being an honest account of the experience. I suppose what I hope to gain from this is first and foremost to record my 12 months and then secondly, perhaps to encourage someone who might need a little persuading to get on and do it. I nearly didn't apply and I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. Let's just hope I am still saying that in 6 months' time, although I am sure I will be. 

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