HM Hubbard Law Scholarship
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Rachel J. Roche

The Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne LL.M program of the Sorbonne Law School

Ranked n°1 in France (2003 LL.M. Guide Law school rankings) is located in the center of Paris and is designed for law students alumni and practicing lawyers from non-French jurisdictions (EU and non-EU countries). It's aim is to provide a stimulating mixture of perspectives and experiences in the field of law and a solid foundation in French Law and European Law through extracurricular activities, selective courses and conferences taught in French by Sorbonne law professors and experts with several years of LLM experience. The program runs annually from September to June and includes, among academic courses, three months of mandatory practical training in Paris. The deadline to apply for the upcoming academic year is May 30th, 2013. More information about this intensive program of education, including application forms, is available at this website address: